hgrep is a bash script for searching Hangul patterns in texts. It is grep for Hangul which is capable of selectively matching the (onset + nucleus) part or the coda part of a closed syllable. Thus, the pattern 'ㄹ 거' matches, among others, "갈 것", "살 걸", "줄 거", "모를 건데", and "입을 겁니다". Similarly, the pattern '잡아' matches not only "잡아서" and "잡아도", but it also matches, among many others, "잡았습니다" and "잡았던".

Further work has to be done on getting the matched part highlighted even when the pattern contains an incomplete syllable that matches a full syllable in the text. In addition, grep's -f option has yet to be integrated.

Written by Yongkyoon No

Download Version 0.90 and put it in your bin/ directory.